Leg veins return blood to the heart. These veins rely on valves to pass the blood back up against gravity. When the valves become damaged or leak, abnormal veins will form. These veins can be treated with several different options depending upon the size, cause, and location.

What vein treatments do you offer?

We treat cosmetic spider veins and some varicose veins with sclerotherapy or with laser ablation. 

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What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is the process where an ultrafine needle passes a sclerosing medication into an abnormal vein. This medication will result in the permanent closing of that vein and has been used for nearly one hundred years.

Will I need down-time after the procedure?

No, in most cases you can resume your normal activities immediately. For best results, we do recommend compression stockings after the procedure for at least two weeks. Elevating your legs to the level of your heart and wearing compression stockings can further assist your leg veins to perform their task while minimizing swelling and prevent the formation of other abnormal leg veins.


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