MOHS SURGERY for skin cancer:
HIGHEST cure rate, SMALLEST scar

Is your surgeon fellowship trained? Dr Highsmith is a double board-certified Dermatologist AND fellowship trained Mohs Micrographic Surgeon. Many practitioners are removing skin cancers without fellowship training. Others do not have the board certification showing mastery of the knowledge deemed necessary for optimal management and outcomes. Dr Highsmith has completed an intensive fellowship and was in the first group to take and pass the board certification for Micrographic Surgery, the absolute highest level of training possible! 

Mohs surgery is a highly specialized technique that tracks and removes skin cancer down to the roots. This procedure virtually eliminates healthy tissue loss to ensure the best cosmetic scar possible. With cure rates of up to 99% you can feel confident that your cancer is gone on the same day. Experience the Mohs difference with our highly trained surgeon. Schedule your consultation today!

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