What is Botox®?botos

Botox® is a catchy brand name of a purified substance that is produced naturally by a certain bacteria. It is a neuromodulator meaning it influences the nerves. It is typically used medically to relax certain muscles to improve headaches or muscle spasms but has numerous indications in multiple medical specialties. In dermatology, we use it cosmetically to soften skin lines and wrinkles. We commonly use it for forehead wrinkles, “crow’s feet” on the temples, “bunny lines” on the nose, gummy smile treatment, and raising the corners of your mouth revealing a more youthful and receptive appearance.


Are there more than one type of Botox®?

Yes! There are several companies that make neuromodulators but Botox® was the first product in this class. That is one of the reasons why the name Botox® is more well-known. The next approved neurotoxin in this class was Dysport®. Doctor Highsmith has been using Dysport for well over 10 years and has noted a faster onset over Botox. In fact, Dysport has recently become his most commonly used neurotoxin at DSI.  Other companies are currently working on their own neuromodulators and a topical version has been studied as well.


Is Botox safe?botos1

Absolutely! Botox® has been used medically for over 25 years and is among the most well-studied products in the entire cosmetic industry. Doctor Highsmith was actually a sub-investigator for a phase III clinical trial for a new neuromodulator as well as a sub-investigator to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Botox® for forehead and glabellar wrinkles. However, safety should be questioned if it is not administered by a trained, licensed, and experienced physician.


What should I expect during my treatment?

You will look like yourself but with softer frown lines and wrinkles. Botox® treatment only takes a few minutes and does not require anesthesia. The key is that small amounts of Botox are placed precisely into the target area. Knowing the anatomy, the ideal target, and where to avoid are essential. We recommend that neuromodulators are only placed by a physician with ample experience and an excellent understanding of facial anatomy to optimize your treatment results.


Are the results immediate or permanent?

Some improvement may be immediately noticeable but most people gradually appreciate the full benefit within a week. You can expect the results to last about three to four months. We welcome your business and questions regarding neuromodulators. Contact us today to schedule your personal evaluation and treatment!


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