Fillers are a naturally-derived or synthetic material that is directly injected into skin with the purpose of adding volume to remove or soften wrinkles, depressions, or folds. Dermal fillers are different than Botox yet both are done with injections. Botox is a neuromodulator which softens lines on the face or neck that is caused by muscular tone but adds no volume. Fillers in contrast, strictly add volume to the area. The mechanisms of both treatments are different but yet they complement each other to remove fine lines and wrinkles adding to a more rested and youthful appearance. Therefore, many people elect to get both Botox and fillers at the same visit to optimize the aesthetic result!


How do fillers work?

Fillers target the underlying signs of aging. Within your skin and bone structure, tissues begin to breakdown and some is accelerated with sun damage. We lose some bone density, bone structure changes, collagen dissipates, skin elasticity decreases, and we begin to form fine lines, skin folds, and sometimes deep wrinkles. Many fillers stimulate the body to produce new collagen, some reinforce the current collagen structure and all help to restore a natural  more youthful appearance.


Which product do I need?

Each product has a proprietary composition with a unique function and ideal location of use. Our providers have been trained to select and administer these medications to maximize your results. Everyone has a unique facial structure so your selection of products need to be tailored for your individual needs. We would love to discuss your goals and design an individualized treatment plan for you. Feel free to call today or fill out an online appointment request!


When will I see the results?

Immediately! The results can be seen right away.


Are fillers safe?

Yes! All products have received FDA approval and your treatment will be done by a board certified dermatologist that has completed the highest level of training (Procedural Dermatology Fellowship) that is recognized today.  Though side effects are possible with any procedure, every precaution will be taken. Most people experience no side effects at all. Some people have mild swelling that resolves in a few hours or bruising that subsides to reveal the true benefits. Results can last anywhere from about nine months to three years, depending on the product used.


Can I combine several cosmetic treatments?

Absolutely! Many of these FDA approved products are designed for different areas so combining certain products can optimize the aesthetic result.

–          Belotero, Juvederm, Radiesse, Restylane, Sculptra, Voluma